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ALL saddles listed here are compensated exactly like the factory saddle.
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    Bone Vintage Bone Elephant Ivory West African Hard Ivory  
Avalon  (for split saddle, use Lowden) $30.00 $32.00 Sales to GA ONLY!

call for details

Bourgeois $30.00 $32.00  
Breedlove (Atlas)  (oversize saddle) $39.00 N/A      
  Breedlove (Not an Atlas)   (click here for Breedlove saddle chart) $30.00 $32.00      
Collings $30.00 $32.00      
Custom Saddle  (Copied from original you send) $35.00 $39.00      
Custom Saddle  OVERSIZE  (up to .140" X .5" X 3.5") $39.00 + call      
  Eichelbaum $30.00 $32.00      
Gibson (.128" thick, B-string compensated, 2.8"long) $30.00 $32.00      
Goodall $30.00 $32.00      
Huss & Dalton $30.00 $32.00      
Larrivee $30.00 $32.00      
Larrivee (B & Low E string compensation) $30.00 $32.00      
Lowden  (Split-saddle) $30.00 $32.00      
Martin (Standard drop-in saddle) $30.00 $32.00      
Martin Long Saddle (3-3/4" or 4-1/16"  uncompensated) $35.00 $40.00      
Martin Long Saddle (compensated) $40.00 $45.00      
Maton $30.00 $32.00      
  Morgan $30.00 $32.00      
  Ryan $30.00 N/A      
Santa Cruz $35.00 $39.00      
Seagull  (New, updated configuration.  Fits all models) $30.00 $32.00      
Tacoma $30.00 $32.00      
Takamine (Split-Saddle, specify length & thickness each piece) $30.00 $32.00      
Taylor  (B string-only compensation) $30.00 $32.00      
Taylor  (Wave compensation) $30.00 $32.00      
Taylor Classical (NS Series) $30.00 $32.00      
  Voyage Air $30.00 $32.00      
Washburn (specify length & thickness) $30.00 $32.00      
Yamaha $30.00 $32.00      

My saddle is not listed!   What do I do?

There are millions of guitars and nearly as many saddle configurations.  If you do not see your instrument listed above, I will likely need to:

1 -  have your saddle sent in to be copied   I receive many send-ins every day, and this is the best way to ensure your replacement saddle is correct!  MOST saddles are quite easy for me to reproduce, but please contact me prior to sending anything!   I'll  need to know which make/model guitar it is going in,  basic sizing info, or even photographs of the saddle in question.   This will allow me to make sure it is one I can recreate.  I'd prefer initial requests for copies be done via Email, as that will allow me to do some quick research, followed by shipping instructions, payment, etc.  

One other important note:  It is very helpful for me to know how the original saddle you'll be sending fits.  If your original fits perfect, this will simply allow me to get your copy much closer, minimizing the work you must do to install it.  If it does not fit well, or is broken in 3 pieces... no worries... just let me know and we'll take care of these on a case-by-case basis.

2 - obtain a full set of dimensions from your existing saddle  ...including H x W x L, radius and compensation (if any), and these measurements will need to be taken with a dial caliper.  We must have this degree of accuracy because "close enough" simply does not cut it where saddle fitting is concerned.  My goal is to make something that will be accurate, correctly configured for your guitar, and allow you to fit it to your instrument with relative ease.  Again, contact me with any questions and we'll see what we can do!75

          IVORY BRIDGE PINS    
PLEASE email for pics of what's available.   The selection changes constantly!
Bridge Pins   Sales to GA only     Call for details $140 - $180

- FWI cannot be shipped to:   NY, NJ, CA, HI, NV, IL    ...or overseas



PLEASE specify inlay when ordering! -Abalone  -Ebony  -Tortoise  -No inlay     - standard inlay size is 3mm  BONE 
Bone - Ebony, Abalone, Faux Tortoise or NO inlay    39.00
Bone - Double inlays      (ebony - abalone  or   faux tortoise - abalone) 45.00
Bone - Martin Authentic style.  Oversize & Unslotted  (.230" underskirt) 45.00
ALL Dyed Bone        email for pics! 35.00 - 59.00


- Unslotted sets available for most bone pins


Abalone inlay 45.00
No inlay 40.00

Authentic size - .230" unslotted, all inlays


Reminder:   Nuts come slightly oversized with the string slots uncut and should be installed by your local luthier or tech!
  Bone Vintage Bone Elephant Ivory West African Hard Ivory  
 Up to 1-7/8" 30.00 $32.00
Nuts sent in to be copied (unslotted) $30.00 $35.00
Nuts sent in to be copied (unslotted + angled bottom 40.00 $45.00 Sales to GA only    Call for details  


Buffalo Horn

Bone Dyed Bone  Fossil Walrus
 Strap Button $35.00 $25.00 $30.00 $69.00
 Endpin $30.00 $20.00 $25.00 $65.00
 Endpin PLUGS Ebony:  $30.00      
Bone strap buttons and endpins are also available in the dyed/aged colors.  Call or email for details/pictures of what's available!

  Bone Vintage Bone Elephant Ivory West African Hard Ivory
1/8" or 3/32"  x 3" x .4"

(Standard for most saddles)

$8.00 $10.00 Sales to GA ONLY!       call for details


3/32" Extra Long (for Martin thru saddle) $10.00 $12.00    
1/8"  Extra Long $12.00 $15.00    
Nut   Up to 2.2" x .250" x .4" $10.00 $12.00    
Oversize blanks   (up to 3.5" long, .140" thick x .5" tall) $16.00

$15.00 (.45" Tall)

Oversize blanks -  over .140"/.5"/3.5" $20.00 + up N/A    
Note:  I do carry bone in uniquely oversized dimensions.  If you need something not listed, let me know and I'll see if it's something we have!    



MARTIN    80/20 Bronze   4.00
MARTIN    Lifespan SP   14.00
D'Addario    Phosphor Bronze   7.00
Elixir Nanoweb   17.00
Elixir Nanoweb    Phosphor Bronze   17.00
Elixir  12 string Polyweb    .010 - .047   20.00
Cleartone   16.00


Saddle Shim Kits $15.00
Individual Ebony Shims  .100" or .125" $2.00
Saddle Veneer Kits $15.00
Veneer pack $5.00
Both kits $25.00
Endpin Plugs  
EBONY Endpin plug    $30.00

USPS PRIORITY   $8.00   
USPS 1st CLASS (w/ Tracking)  $4.00 **
USPS EXPRESS     $26.00  (1 or 2 days, depending on your location)
** If you have a large order, it may not all fit in the padded envelopes I use or fall within the weight limits for a 1st Class package and it will need to go Priority.   99% of all orders will be fine, but if you have concerns your order may be too large, just let me know and I can let you know what will or will not fit.
(standard size items)
USPS Priority Mail International (where available) 
Canada:   $28.00     Everywhere else:  $35.00
Worldwide  (takes a little longer + safer):   $30.00
INTERNATIONAL 1st Class  (No tracking)  
Canada:  $14.00        Everywhere else: (need address for quote)  aprox. $12 - $17
(oversize items: pickups, huge orders, etc.)
        call for quote



I accept the following payment methods:


Mailing address:

Bob Colosi
107 Partridge Lane
St Marys, GA 31558


1.  PLEASE enclose a note with anything sent to me, i.e. saddles to be copied, payment for items,  etc...  Indicating exactly what we are doing.  I get a high volume of these daily!

2.  If you send me a saddle or pin to be copied, it MUST be in a padded envelope.  If you put it in a standard envelope, the mail sorting machines will tear it out!



  1. Go to PayPal at and log in
  2. Click on the “Send & Request” tab
  3. Click on "Pay for goods or services"
  4. Enter my PayPal address
  5. Calculate the price of the saddles plus desired shipping (shipping is the same regardless on the number of items ordered.    (If it is an unusually large order, contact me) and enter it in the box shown
  6. Let me know exactly what it is you’re ordering in the “Add a note" section. 
  7. Verify the information is correct and click on “Send Money  Now”
  8. NOTE!!  If you are using the PayPal mobile app, make sure you put your address in the notes section as it does not show up in the invoice.

I will respond back to you as soon as possible after I receive the incoming payment to verify the purchase and let you know the shipping date…usually the next day.



- Please call (912) 882-1321  and I will gladly take your order/card number over the phone.  


International customers - Please pay by:
• Cash in U.S. funds (in an insured envelope)
• PayPal
• Visa or Mastercard


Questions Call: (912) 882-1321 -- Ask for Bob!