* Natural  Material Picks *

Buffalo Horn - Bone - Ivory


- Some musicians are quite particular in terms of the style, material and shape of pick they use. 

- The "attack," or sound the pick will produce as it contacts the strings is significantly different between various pick materials. 

- Obviously, synthetic picks have always been the most cost-effective versions produced, but natural material picks continue to be widely used, and I carry all of the most sought-after designs and materials to cover all of your natural-material pick needs.

More info:

* The STANDARD thickness I make these at is 1.75mm

* The bone or ivory picks can be made as thin as aprox. 1.75mm, but any thinner than that and you may run the risk of breaking the pick as they are not designed to flex.  I can also make any of the picks as thick as .140" or sometimes larger depending on what I have in stock for pick blanks.  Let me know if there is a specific size you'd like!

* I do NOT polish the bone or ivory picks.  These are finished with a #600 grit sanding as it is much easier to hold them, and keep holding them, if they have a slight tack to them.   Polished picks end up pretty slick if you sweat while playing. 

* If you use a pick shape you do not see in the "available shapes" diagram below, we can do just about anything you need.  We can also copy your favorite shape if you have something unique and would like to either send it in or provide a drawing.  These will typically run between $20 and $25 depending on how complicated it gets.  


Buffalo horn picks are by far the most popular picks I sell and are comparable in tonal quality to real tortoise shell picks.  They have a more subdued attack than almost any pick material you will use and the edges can be easily modified to suit your playing style.     The standard color of these picks is black, although occasionally I'll have a small number of the amber-colored or milky-white versions available.  

Available shapes:  All

Price:  $15



...or people that like very thick picks in general

Ultimate Bass Pick

(works on regular guitars too!)

PRICE:  $18

- 3mm thick

- triple-beveled edges in the "B" pick shape shown below

- SUPERB for a subdued string attack

-  Great for regular guitars if you like thick picks

This pick was initially designed for the bass player in a Beatles tribute band.  Why do the Beatles matter?  If you're trying to clone the McCartney sound, (other than owning a Hofner bass) you need to use a pick.  He has a distinctive woody, flat, "poppy" sound with absolutely no hint of string attack.  ...often hard to do with big, hard plastic picks. We came up with this design and needless to say, it did the job perfectly.  

That said, its attributes are not limited to the bass guitar.  Easy to hold with a light grip, easy to get a solid response with a light touch whether you're strumming or picking individual notes... it's a nice addition for any pick junkie!


NOTE:  Not available for sale outside GA!

Elephant ivory picks are characterized by a bright, distinct attack, and generally suited to somewhat of a lighter right-hand playing style, although some strummers will use a thick ivory pick to obtain a very focused "let the pick do the work" sound.  The color and grain pattern of these picks is very consistent and they will last a very long time.  

Available shapes:  All

Price:  $25

(shapes listed below)



Bone picks will do everything the ivory versions will, but at a much cheaper price.  Not quite as pretty as the ivorys, but they get the job done equally well.  

Available shapes:  All


(shapes listed below)




A      Super Bevel:   By far, the most popular design I sell.  Opposing beveled edges allow for super quick alternate picking and accentuation of individual notes.  

B     Triple Tip:   Three distinctly different tips:      a) Tight, beveled point    b) Elongated large radius    c) Standard edge     Give the player the ability to suit the attack of the pick to a particular style.

C     Triangle:   Three identical edges with standard tips. 

D     Triangle Bevel:    Slightly smaller than the standard triangle, this pick has more rounded edges and opposing bevels on each tip.

E      Wide Mandolin:   Traditional Mandolin (or guitar) pick with long, rounded corners.

F      Standard Pick:    The same shape as the traditional picks you've seen for years.

G     Standard Pointy:   Standard shape pick with a pointed tip.  Commonly requested with opposing bevels. 

H      Fat and Stubby:    A thicker pick (2.5mm) with rounded edges.

I        Bambino:   Same shape as the Standard, but slightly smaller.  (1.1" X .9")  A very comfortable pick for those that don't like holding bulky picks and/or have a more aggressive attack.

J      Jazz-Mando:   This is the extremely popular Jazz-style pick and it's also a big favorite with mandolin players.  It is a small, comfortable pick and can be made with opposing beveled edges for quick, accurate picking.   Also available in the XL size.


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