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World Class Master Luthier
Ron Griffin


  Good friend and revered guitar legend
Steve Shanholtzer






Phantom was my first employee.  Not a team player.  Didn't take any bullshit.  Loved listening to Glenn Miller.  Took his position at the desk on the day we started, figured out how to use the phone and would hang up on some of you occasionally.  He was never sorry about it.  He hung out in the office every day and was a constant companion who never knew he was a cat and was one of my very best friends.  Sadly, Phantom passed away at the tender age of 80 (in cat years) in 2017 but will always be part of our story.




Little Deuce.  Employee #2.  What can I say?  Lovable fat, lazy slob.  Bridge pins will successfully go through a cat's digestive tract.  Just ask him.   When you call.....that's where he's laying.  If he could talk, every word would be an F-bomb.  I wonder where he learned that?



My beautiful assistant, summoning her inner Lita Ford.   Cici the Stinky Mutt Dog.  She makes greyhounds look slow.  Loves to lick your hand, your face or your cats.  Steals the cat  toys and writes her name on them.  Update:  Cici decided the 2020 shit-show was not bad enough, so she left us in her sleep at the age of 13.  She certainly made working at home fun.

I was told he really liked the pins.



Jon Garon (left) Owner of one of the worlds largest Martin dealers, "My Favorite Guitars"   and renown flatpicking monsters, Jack Lawrence (center) and Clay Hess (right ) at Nazfest '06.

I was privileged to be requested by Jon to provide my components for the new Martin Jack Lawrence signature edition D28 now offered by MFG.  Jon's website is available at my LINKS page!


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