For many years we have utilized the excellent advice, products and services of Bob Colosi! – There is no better resource on the planet. Bob's expertise and workmanship is unequalled!"
–Clay & Jon

Clay Hess is a Grammy award winning guitar player who first burst upon the bluegrass music scene as the red-hot flat-picking guitarist with Ricky Skaggs & Kentucky Thunder, with whom he toured for three years. Clay has won numerous flat-picking championships and was honored by Martin guitars with the release of the Clay Hess signature guitar. He recently toured with Mountain Heart and is now touring with Sierra Hull. With his awesome speed and tasty sense of syncopation, Clay Hess is recognized as one of the premier flat-pick guitarists in bluegrass music.

Jon Garon spent many years as a performer and guitar player, traveling and/or performing with a number of nationally known traditional, folk and bluegrass artists, including Vassar Clements. He now performs with his friends Clay Hess, Cory and Jarrod Walker, John Wheat, Jack Lawrence and other bluegrass and traditional artists playing concerts and festivals and doing workshops. Jon and his wife Sharon, although now retired from the guitar-selling gig, formerly owned "My Favorite Guitars," one of the largest acoustic instrument dealers in the world.


"Bob’s work is truly amazing…his expert technical knowledge and profound musical ability allowed him to sense EXACTLY what my instruments required. His products make the guitar come alive, and his service is simply the BEST!" -Sam Pacetti

Sam Pacetti is an award winning finger style guitar player who has released two very successful albums during the course of his career. Talented throughout a wide array of musical styles, Sam is best known for his incredible Travis-Style playing and was the longtime understudy of Gamble Rogers.


(Click selected songs for sound clips!)

  1. Cannonball Rag
  2. Windy and Warm
  3. Deep River Blues
  4. I'll See You In My Dreams
  5. Richland Woman Blues, Hangin' With The Girls I Know, Jelly Roll
  6. Nine Pound Hammer
  7. Love At The Five And Dime
  8. Shiek Of Araby
  9. The Ballad Of Jimmy And Betty
  10. Orange Blossom Special
  11. Farewell My Blue Bell
  12. Oh By Jingo, Oh By Gee


"How good are Bob's products? He is the ONLY person North Allen will trust for SERIOUS guitar work as well as the best technical advice over a large number of musical issues. He has been a phenomenal asset in our sound as well as our success!"
–Matt Greco

Matt Greco is the guitarist for the band North Allen, a modern acoustic rock band with influences that represent several genres of music including rock, jazz and funk. North Allen thrives on and embraces the use of acoustic guitars, which strongly define their rhythmically intense and energetic sound. North Allen has toured the Northeast U.S. extensively, been featured on a major distribution promotional CD produced by MTV, and have been on stage with national acts such as Collective Soul and The Click Five.

Matt is also an avid New York Mets fan. I find this to be very disappointing...especially after the 1986 World Series, but we all can't have the honor of being Red Sox fans, can we.... :)

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