I am phasing out the sale of all B-Band products.

Not for bad reasons....just business.

All products discounted. Call for details and availability

I offer FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the U.S. on all B-Band products!

UST and A1.2 preamp - The B-Band UST has received laudatory critiques for its natural tonal properties. It utilizes a honeycomb design and does a remarkable job of getting rid of the all too common  undersaddle "quack."   Comes paired with the A1 preamp which is a single input, standalone endpin unit and features a soundhole-mounted volume control. The UST is available in narrow (3/32"), wide (1/8") or split-saddle formats.  $109.99.     

AST and A1.2N preamp - This is one of the best-selling AST pickups around. It produces a remarkably natural tone, and is simply one of the best soundboard transducers on the market.  It is simple to install and works well over a broad spectrum of stringed instruments.   The A1N  preamp is slightly different from the A1 in that it is specifically tailored to the AST with a built in EQ curve that allows for much higher gain before feedback and also features the soundhole-mounted volume control. $119.99.

A2.2 - The A2.2 preamp combines both the AST and UST, and uses a crossover circuit design (XOM) to blend both the AST and UST transducers. It also utilizes a convenient soundhole-mounted volume and blend control for easy and convenient onstage use.  This is the system I personally install in my onstage guitars and find it to be the best Iíve used. The A2.2 has a mono output so you can plug straight into a board or DI, all while the transducers are blended locally at the instrument.     $189.99 (includes AST and UST)   please indicate which format UST you need when ordering (1/8" or 3/32")  If you're not sure which one you need, let me know


9 VOLT BATTERY HOLDER - Tired of your battery falling out of the cheesy metal clip that is supplied with some pickups?  Tired of needing a jackhammer to remove the battery out of the plastic clips that are supplied with the rest?  This "suitcase" version was designed specifically by B-Band and features a snap hinged top, large velcro pad, and made from a material that will in no way damage the wires when closed.  It is POSITIVELY the BEST design out there.  $10.00


Questions Call: (912) 882-1321 -- Ask for Bob!